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GI Movers are your trusted international movers in Abu Dhabi and UAE who go out of their way for your ultimate satisfaction. We are all about going where none of our competitors would or don’t have the capacity to reach. When you choose us, you can be sure that you are working with a reputable company that understands its game. We are not only focused on getting you to your destination promptly but also desire to give you an unforgettable experience. Our moving process is flexible to handle different types of needs and deliver high-quality service that meets your needs beyond expectation because we are the best international movers in Dubai.


international movers in Abu Dhabi

Our international move process 

As mentioned in the introduction, we have crafted a unique international moving service that flexibly fits the needs of different clients. As the best international movers in Dubai, we know that we get to handle various unique clients. Thus, we endeavor to follow a process that aligns with what you want.   


Our international process is generally set to take place as shown below: 

Consultation stage 

This is often the first step during which we get to interact and know each other better. The goal of the pre-move consultation with the most reliable international movers in UAE is to review your move needs so that we have a clear picture of the kind of service you want. At this point, our goal is to know more about the items you would like to move with us and the service level that you expect us to deliver. The assigned expert will take you through the different available options and customize a quote as per your requirements. 

International moving booking 

Once the quote is shared, you will go through it to make sure that it captures everything that you need. Our access to resources as the most reliable international movers in UAE empowers us to give you the most competitive prices. Kindly proceed to book your move with us based on the quote shared and the assigned. Your assigned account manager will be your first point of contact throughout the process, ensuring all your needs are met promptly. 

Move management  

Your account manager will take charge of all the logistics involved in your move, including confirming the move dates and compiling required paperwork and documentation for customs clearance. Furthermore, details regarding the tracking and transportation of your goods on transit will be shared. We are one of the most transparent international movers in Abu Dhabi so that you do not ever have to worry about the whereabouts of your goods. 

Packaging and loading 

This is one of the most flexible inclusions in the moving quote shared. When you agree with us handling the packing and loading of your goods, we will have movers come to your home and pack, and load indicated items as per the chosen international move plan. We are the best international movers in Dubai and will uphold these standards during the packing and loading process. 


We will transport your shipment using different means as you desire. The options we offer under the international movers in Abu Dhabi service are land, sea, and air. Your specific move needs and location will determine the chosen moving approach. You should not feel concerned during the transportation of your goods to the destination because we will be in touch with you throughout the process. 


As the best international movers in Dubai, we will deliver the goods to your destination just as promised. The delivery team will help you settle as soon as possible and without issues. We will help you to confirm that everything is in good condition as you settle.  

International moving tips 

Here are some quick tips from the best international movers in UAE: 

  • Always work with a trusted and reliable movers
  • Ensure all the essentials are taken care of
  • Put together all the necessary documents 
  • Use this as an opportunity to declutter 

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