Mobile shelving relocation

Experience the ease of moving with prime UAE mobile shelving and
storage solutions for your corporate and commercial needs

GImoversuae is a UAE based company that is specialized in Mobile Shelving Relocation and storage solutions for a wide range of customers that include Corporate, Commercial, Medical, Museums, Libraries, and Archival.


Apart from the shelving and storage Systems, GImoversuae can undertake a full relocation service of existing systems. A wide range of service that we offer along with relocation is to mobilize existing static shelving/cabinets i.e. to mount existing units onto a new track and floor system.


All our re-location and shelving work is carried out by the experienced engineers in the storage and filing industry. We offer a storage facility where we have removed a system and the new location is not ready.


With the price and availability of workplace space at an affordable price, using space effectively is crucial. GImoversuae provides you with a range of flexible, high-density mobile storage solutions to meet your unique requirements.


Our mobile office shelving systems are available either in manual, mechanical-assist or electrically operated, depending on the type and weight of the requirement that you need to store. Shelving units are mounted onto moving carriages that can be more than double the storage capacity of your filing area or free up space for other uses.


Save money by using GImoversuae shelving and storage systems. Make better use of GImoversuae with mobile shelving. GImoversuae Storage System is the most ideal and latest concept of the storage system. We provide efficient storage & retrieval Management. We are specially designed to modern age demands for high-density storage within the limited space.


The system is equipped with fully adjustable Boltless Shelves & it is most Suitable for commercial applications. We provide high-density shelving relocation services for all types of shelving manufacturers

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