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We pride ourselves with always prioritizing our clients here at GI Movers UAE. One of the ways we demonstrate this is by offering the option of a free estimate online! Our calculator with an easy-to-use layout will allow you to quickly and easily obtain a moving quote. reach out to us directly for more information, as our service representatives are eager to assist.

Simple way to get a free online estimate


Knowing how much your move will cost early on will enable you to effectively plan your budget. Being well-organized and prepared for any challenges that may emerge is the key to a successful move! With all that in mind, it’s clear to see why our free estimate has been so valuable to our clients.

Just provide the destination and origin addresses and the volume of your move. We will be quick to give you a free moving estimate for you to consider. If you decide to use our services, you can expect our moving agents to provide all and any additional information you might need. Contact us today to get your estimate and let us start working on your upcoming relocation plan.


Stress-free moving experience

Our expertise will release you from all move related stress.


Creative moving solutions only a call away

We are ready to offer home/office relocation storage services and furniture installation.


Well-planned & organized moves

We book and execute all of our jobs with good planning.


Trust & tranquility during every move

Major Corporate / Government organizations use our services regularly.


Honest and dependable pricing

We provide free moving estimates, with no hidden fees.


Always improving & finding solutions

Tirelessly working on perfecting our skills and knowledge to reach customer service excellence.